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Zbrush Projects

Elephant Doorknocker

This piece was my first project while learning ZBrush during my spring 2019 semester at Champlain College. The task was to model and texture a doorknocker with a limited polycount. For my piece, I decided to go with the classic elephant design. The elephant was sculpted in ZBrush with the other parts being created in Maya. I also used Maya to create a low poly mesh. Finally, it was textured in Substance Painter. While the design of the knocking mechanism and the texture could have used a second iteration, I learned a lot and had a lot of fun doing it. 

Wooden Tiki

For our second project we were tasked with creating wooden totems and texturing them. For mine, I went with an old wooden tiki that had been sitting outside in a warm and dry climate. The best part about this project was creating the wood grain and large cracks. Aside from the lack of color variation it worked out well.


During the totem project we were also tasked with creating a gargoyle simultaneously. I had a pretty clear image in my head of what I wanted to create, and I am very happy with how it turned out. I am looking forward to applying the texturing skills that I have acquired over the years to this piece someday. Working on two sculpts at the same time was difficult, but I learned a lot, especially on this piece, as it was a good introduction to creature modeling.

Alien Bug

The final piece I did for this class was a giant insect. My design process included taking inspiration from real life insects and mixing them to create something alien in appearance. I was really happy with this piece, especially the high to low bake, though the wings could still use a second iteration.

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