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Solo Projects

Blastorama - 2D Shooter

This was my very first time trying my hand at game development outside of modding Bethesda games. It was created using GameMaker and Photoshop. This 2D shooter was made as a prototype about a pest control specialist who clears dangerous alien life out of derelict ships. Perhaps one day it would be fun exercise to create a second iteration in Unity based on this prototype.


Block Puzzle

This was a one-night build I did to experiment with puzzle creation as it was something I had never done before. I built this 2d prototype in Unity with three example puzzles. It was a great chance to draw on what I learned about programming to create clean and functional code using Microsoft Visual Studios. Aside from a needed polish pass, I was very pleased with the results.


Bedroom - Point and Click

This project was likely inspired by my love for the point and click Nancy Drew mystery series. This Unity prototype was a good chance to experiment further with puzzles and UI. I also had a lot of fun creating the simple, pixel art backgrounds for it in Photoshop. I hope to go back to this project and extend it a few more puzzles and find a way to integrate my block puzzle project as a minigame.


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