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Group Projects



During the final semester of my senior year, I was reunited with the other members of Wild Village Games to work on Live/Wire. My goal was to work as a level designer and an environment artist/world builder.

Live/Wire is a multiplayer, FPS with a cell shaded art style and an emphasis in verticality in its gameplay. It is available on Steam.


I worked on a large portion of the tutorial in order to help new players get accustomed to our game's mechanics. This involved going through each mechanic and creating progressive, connected scenarios.


After the initial layout, I adjusted the level based on testing feedback. An example of something that changed was this room. It was meant to have players practice everything they had learned up to this point. This was accomplished by making the player swing around the environment, shooting targets to unlock the door to the next room.

During the art implementation phase of development I had mostly moved on to the multiplayer level, but I also worked with other members of the team to complete an art pass on some areas of the tutorial.


For the multiplayer level I worked less as a level designer and more as a environment artist/world builder to bring it out of blockout. I assisted in the setup of many of the building pieces by creating material IDs and implementing the emissive materials that give the city its vibrancy. I also did most of the art implementation by building out the level. I was responsible for creating the animated materials and signs that help bring the city to life and give it some kinetics. 


This was my first group project in which we took our game past the rapid prototype phase to something resembling a more complete prototype. We were a small group of sophomore students who called ourselves Wild Village Games. This was our first project together. 


Yolk is a 3d platformer about a small egg trying to find its way in the world. The finished prototype is available on

I worked on many early iterations of the game, including the large hub area, pictured above. My main contributions included creating some of the platforming challenges and art implementation. 

One such area took the form of a broken-down tourist spot inside a large tree. The player has to traverse the inside of the tree as the stairs and elevator have collapsed.

WYND League Racing

WYND League Racing was a rapidly developed prototype for a group project. The goal was to create a pitch with a playable, early prototype. 

As this was a rapid prototype with a small team, I worked to fill multiple roles. My main focus was to build the test map, but I also created the place holder art, VFX, animations, and assisted in the programming to integrate my work.

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