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Environment Art

Granada, Spain

During my time studying abroad in Montreal, I took an advanced seminar in environment art. This course was taught by Vincent Joyal and was my introduction to 3ds Max as well as my first deep dive into Unreal Engine 4. We learned how to plan out an environment based off of a piece of concept art using modularity. The piece I decided to use was a sketch of Granada, Spain by Alexander "Minze" Thümler.

I chose this piece (pictured above) because it was a bright, outdoors scene. 

During this process, we were tasked with building on the original concept. My main focus for this was to break up any spaces that felt like they were in need of additional detail, including the sky. 

I learned a lot during this project, but I would say the most difficult thing was cutting out and building the foliage assets.

Librarian Office

This project was done for an environment art class during the fall semester of my senior year. It was made using Unreal Engine 4 with all of the modeling being done in Maya and the texturing being done in Substance Designer with some Substance Painter. My goal was to create an interior space that managed to use a few props to make a lot of satisfying clutter. The setting is that of a librarian's office with a Victorian theme.

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